Introducing AiHouse 5 Plus

Next-Gen AI-Powered 3D Home Design Software

Dear AiHouse users, We are thrilled to announce the launch of AiHouse 5 Plus, the newest version of our cutting-edge 3D home design platform! This update brings enhanced features that make designing and visualizing your projects easier and more efficient than ever before. Best of all, your online platform will be automatically upgraded to AiHouse 5 Plus, so you can start enjoying the latest features right away without any extra steps. AiHouse 5 Plus is designed to streamline your workflow and boost your sales with stunning visualizations. Here’s what you can expect: • Advanced AI Features • Improved Rendering • Optimized Interface • Expanded 3D Catalog • Flexible Customization • Enhanced Floor Plan Creator There’s so much more to explore in AiHouse 5 Plus. Dive into the highlights below and see how our latest version can transform your design experience.

Powerful AI Features

• AI Virtual Staging & Space Restyling: Upload a room photo and specify your design preferences. Allow AI to redesign the space, with detailed options to customize specific areas. • Automated Lighting Setup: Streamline intricate lighting adjustments using AI-generated setups. Achieve polished renders effortlessly with a single click. • Smart Camera Views: AI selects optimal rendering angles based on the room's layout, ensuring the best perspectives for showcasing your design.

Building Floor Plans

• Wall Editing: Easily create irregular walls, arc walls, half walls, and rooms within rooms. Align walls of different thicknesses and split walls with one click. • Beam Drawing: Improved beam combinations and wall-cutting logic for accurate structural replication and conflict elimination. • Multi-Storey Building (coming Soon)

Enhanced Rendering

• Light Templates: Experience new natural light effects with our expanded lighting templates. Easily adjust brightness to achieve perfect illumination. • Natural Light Integration: Our latest feature ensures natural sunlight enters every room with windows, enhancing the realism of your designs. • Exterior Scene Customization: Upload and customize your exterior scenes with ease. Rotate, adjust brightness, and modify color temperature to create realistic day and night environments. • Image Enhancement Tools: Utilize new parameters for adjusting color temperature, highlights, shadows, and vignettes to produce professional-quality images. • Rendering Preview: Adjust sun brightness, height, color, and angle during design for accurate previews.


• Panel Shaping: Replicate designs across panels and easily create cutouts by selecting edges. • Install Lighting: Add lighting to irregular-shaped cabinets and closets. • Alignment Tools: Precisely align with face-to-face, edge-to-edge, and point-to-point movement. Quickly align cabinets to walls or front edges. • Door and Drawer Settings: Customize door opening angles and drawer pull length.

Library and Interface

• 3D Asset Library: Search assets by text or images and get related recommendations for personalized designs. • Design Circle: Join or create circles to exchange 3D models and templates with other designers. • Model Editing: Edit individual items within groups without ungrouping. Batch process materials with one click. • Material Painter: Apply materials instantly anywhere in your design. • History Panel: Access the latest 100 models and textures you used in AiHouse.

Create 3D Lifestyle Visuals That Drive Sales

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