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With over a decade of expertise in interior design and furniture manufacturing, we offer streamlined solutions for design, manufacturing, and marketing.

3D Design Tool

Revolutionize interior design with AI-powered simplicity, creating stunning renderings in minutes while automating documentation.

Product Configurator (Visioneer)

Customize products and spaces online instantly, driving conversions with engaging interactive experiences.

Manufacturing System (DMS)

Bridge visualization to reality seamlessly, automating material lists for accelerated market cycles.

Why Join AiHouse?
We deeply value our SaaS resellers as crucial partners, not just for promoting our products, but also for their invaluable feedback that helps us enhance our products.
Generous Margins
Earn over 50% profit margins and explore diverse revenue streams beyond software distribution. Join our SaaS reseller program and benefit from high software renewal rates of up to 80%.
Industry-Leading Solutions
Stay ahead with our robust research infrastructure. Backed by 350+ professionals and three R&D centers, we offer AI-powered software solutions that are in high demand across various sectors of the industry.
Dedicated Support
Our team offers full support and training for seamless market entry. With timely technical assistance, ensure customer satisfaction and smooth reseller business operations.

Trusted by 20,000 Businesses Worldwide

AiHouse Global Network

At AiHouse, we value localization. We understand the importance of responding promptly to market demands and seizing emerging opportunities. That's why we collaborate closely with our extensive network of local software resellers in over 20 locations worldwide.

Reseller Stories

“AiHouse's photorealistic 3D visualizations have transformed the sales cycle for retailers and designers, dramatically reducing the time it takes to close deals. The ability to display products and designs with impressive detail and realism captivates customers and accelerates decision making.”
Octavio Molina
Head of AiHouse Spain
“I think Aihouse is a revolution in the furniture industry. I believe you'll feel the same after you've experienced it. It is more than just a software. Aihouse provides solutions that connect manufacturers, interior designers and consumers in a very smart and efficient way. That's why Aihouse is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam!”
CEO of Mina Technology
“As a partner of AiHouse for the last 4 years, I am happy to say that we are well on our way to achieve our 10,000 registered users here in Malaysia. AiHouse’s photorealistic 3D visualizations and panoramic VR capabilities have transformed the interior design and fit-out landscape here in Malaysia. ”
Raymond Teh
General Manager of TS EXIM Sdn Bhd
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