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Points Policy

Join us to enjoy our exclusive benefits. After your sign up and become our member, you will be able to earn points through certain activities, tasks, and purchases. You can use your points for virtual rewards or gifts. AiHouse invites you to register an account to become our member.

1.What is the "Points"?
The Points is an incentive benefit from AiHouse for members. Members can earn points through certain activities, tasks, and purchases on AiHouse. The accumulated points can be redeemed for corresponding rights or gifts in the Points Mall.
Points Validity:
The points acquired last year will expire on June 30th of the following year.For example, points collected from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020 will expire on 06/30/2021.

2.What is the use of Points in AiHouse?
Your Points can be redeemed for virtual rewards or gifts.

3.How to get Points?
1) AIHOUSE will release a variety of activities and tasks for points reward. Members completed certain activities and tasks according to the requirements will get points.
2) More ways to earn points will be continually updated.

4.How can I use My Points?
Please go to the main page of Points Mall, select the prize you like and click on “Redeem Points”to make it exchange.

5.Daily Maximum Points
When you have received the daily maximum points, no more points will be added to your account.

6.How can I check my points?
Please log in and click on“Points”"Check All Points Activity" to preview your all points activity, including Points earned, Points Redeemed and Points Balance.

7.Can I transfer my Points to others?
The Points is a kind of benefit from AIHOUSE platform for members. You cannot transfer your points to anyone else, and the points also cannot be redeemable for cash.

AIHOUSE has the right to deduct the points obtained from the violations in its account and remove the member's eligibility for redemption. For serious violence, your account will be disabled and blocked for violating the AIHOUSE Terms.

9.Our Policies
1) Maliciously collecting and aquiring points through website rules loopholes is not allowed.
2) Participating in certain activities and tasks through the machine program is a violation of our policies.
3) Any behavior that violates the rules of points activity is not allowed.
4) Threaten the activity initiator with a complaint or adverse comments are strictly prohibited.

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