House Design Becomes Easy and Efficient

Obtain more orders through fast design and standardized construction process.


  • Wardrobe Wardrobe
  • Kitchen Kitchen
  • Tiles Tiles
  • Bathroom Bathroom
  • Ceiling Ceiling
  • Bathroom cabinet Bathroom cabinet
    Bathroom cabinet


  • 01
    Fast and Convenient Layout Forming

    To drag out the model and modify the size based on needs, or to upload the DXF file to form the layout instantly.

  • 02
    Massive 3D Models and Maps

    A massive library containing millions of models can meet different design requirements.

  • 03
    Multiple Output and Fast Rendering

    SD, HD, Ultra-HD, 4K and Panorama renderings can be output within 2-10 minutes.

  • 04
    Intelligent Lighting

    Except conventional lighting setup, automatic and smart lighting function can save time and improve output.


  • 01
    Application of House Templates
  • 02
    Marking of Virtual Reality
  • 03
    Quotation of Design Works
  • 04
    CAD and Related Drawing for Production

Design Cases

  • Southeast Asian Bedroom

  • Southeast Asian Kitchen

  • Modern life - YONG JING WAN


  • Design

    High efficiency and visualization make Customers can see future home instantly.

  • Presentation

    720°paranoma pictures help attract more customers, and promote interaction.

  • Production

    Design-production integration increases efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Supply chain
    Supply chain

    One- stop resources integration and cloud sharing for S2B.

  • Brand gallery
    Brand gallery

    Professional channel helps promote the brands' products and design.

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